Keyboard shortcuts



Command Shortcut
Create Many Tasks Ctrl+B
Import Tasks From Text Ctrl+I
Show Group Alt+X
Export Group To Html Alt+C
Export Group To Rst Alt+R
Generate Slideshow Alt+S
Show Statistics Alt+W


Command Shortcut
Add Task From File Ctrl+Shift+N
Find Ctrl+F
Refresh Ctrl+R
Filter Active Ctrl+Shift+G
Filter Done Ctrl+Shift+H
Filter Ongoing Ctrl+Shift+J
Filter Pending Ctrl+Shift+K
Filter Inactive Ctrl+Shift+L
New Group Ctrl+M
Delete Delete
Reset Ctrl+Shift+Z
Select All Ctrl+A
Convert Group To Task Ctrl+Shift+M
Paste To Link Ctrl+Shift+V
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V


Command Shortcut
Show All Bookmarks Alt+D
Bookmark Ctrl+D
Bookmark Current Group Ctrl+Shift+D
Delete Bookmark Ctrl+Delete


Command Shortcut
Edit Ctrl+E
Properties Ctrl+W
Open Task Ctrl+Shift+O
Mark Task Active Ctrl+G
Mark Task Done Ctrl+H
Mark Task Ongoing Ctrl+J
Mark Task Pending Ctrl+K
Mark Task Inactive Ctrl+L
Mark Task Void Ctrl+O
Text Color Ctrl+Y
Background Color Ctrl+U
Remove Text Color Ctrl+Shift+Y
Remove Background Color Ctrl+Shift+U
Add Attachment Ctrl+T
Add Media Ctrl+Shift+T
Export Attachments Ctrl+Shift+A
Export Media Ctrl+Shift+S
Remove Attachments Alt+A
Remove Media Alt+M


Command Shortcut
Preferences Alt+P


Command Shortcut
Online Help Alt+N
Keyboard Shortcuts Alt+K